The design and construction of Industrial Refrigeration Units is the main activity of the company. Adarc provides complete solutions from the design stage, to the operation of the installation, using experienced and specialized personnel and reliable sub contractors.

Our collaboration with well established Manufacturers of equipment, combined with our extended know-how and experience, guarantee projects of ultimate quality that cover completely the requirements of the customer. The sectors covered by Adarc are Cold Storage Units for foods and drinks, Distribution Centres (Logistics), Dairy Farms, Fruit juice production facilities, Pharmaceuticals Deposits etc.

More Specifically:

  • Cold Storage
  • Pre cooling of products
  • IQF (Blast freezers)
  • Controlled Atmosphere installations
  • Industrial Air Conditioning
  • Ice making Units
  • Refrigeration requirements of production lines
  • Special applications of refrigeration

Additional Services:

  • Repair-Maintenance

    Beyond the completion of a project, our company provides to the customer repair and maintenance services. Using specialized and experienced personnel, Adarc ensures the low cost of operation of installations and extends their duration of operation.
    Using the maintenance and operation handbook, drawn by our engineers, the client is able to completely monitor and fine tune the operation of the installation.

  • Training of personnel

    Adarc trains the personnel of operation of a facility, in order to ensure smooth and trouble free daily operation of the plant and complete control over the operational parameters.
    Having trained and competent personnel is essential for the growth of an enterprise and minimizes risks and damages.
    Our Engineers offer the client all required material, with all processes, directions, and even custom made forms to be supplemented by the person in charge of operation, thus aiming at the simplest and most comprehensible operation of a unit.

  • Modernization and Improvement of facilities

    The continuous advancement of products and services, the development of new technologies and the ever increasing health and safety and quality standards, are some of the reasons that render the modernization of a plant essential.
    Adarc, having successfully completed numerous projects in this field, is able to provide services of improvement and modernization of the highest quality.
    By studying the existing situation and taking into consideration the current regulations and the customer requirements, our company plans and executes the plants modernization, improving the performance of the installation, achieving lower costs of operation and ensuring compatibility with the relevant standards and regulations.
    Special cases, as for example unsuccessful or incomplete execution of work, omissions in the design and dysfunctions of the installation contribute in dangerous and loss-making operation of a unit.
    Modernization operations can be executed in stages, depending on the requirements of the customer.

  • Remote Administration

    Adarc offers services of remote administration of a unit. The operational parameters of the installation are available online, thus enabling the client to supervise and operate the facility, from anywhere in the world. More over, our company has the ability to monitor all data, providing specialized advice on issues of every day operation of a facility.

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