• History

    The company was founded in 1965, by Mr Ioannis Adamidis, Electrical-Mechanical Engineer, having as a main activity the design and construction of industrial Refrigeration Units and Packaging facilities for fruit and dairy.

    In 2003, Mr Christos Adamidis, Mechanical Engineer and Mrs Eleni Adamidou, Mechanical Engineer, were incorporated in the company structure, and continuing and expanding its activities, the company was transformed to Adarc, Adamidis Technical and Commercial PC.

  • Vision

    Our Vision is the promotion of innovative and pioneering services in the Field of Industrial Refrigeration. Aim:


    The company’s aim is to provide complete, functional, and cost effective solutions that offer competitive advantages to our clients.


    • The design and construction of Industrial Refrigeration units.
    • The refurbishment of existing units and adaptation of new technology trends.
    • The promotion of the Refrigeration Science for the foundation of model facilities.
    • The design and construction of Industrial Ventilation and Air Conditioning installations.
    • The design of installations for rational and unhindered operation.
  • Quality

    Our experience has shown us that only projects of the highest quality can cope with the ever-increasing requirements of the modern market. Since the foundation of the company, our main concern is to completely cover the special needs of each Industrial Refrigeration application we undertake.
    Our commitment is the delivery of viable units, and it is achieved via the complete and in depth study of the application at hand, the specification of suitable materials and instruments of the highest quality, sound construction and full support services.
    The quality of services of Adarc is ensured through the ISO 9001 quality management system, designed and applied specifically for our needs.

    Customer Satisfaction:

    In Adarc, success is considered to be the complete satisfaction of our client. Having as our main concern the requirements of each project, but also the customer’s future objectives, the company’s engineers provide solutions that guarantee the achievement of the desirable conditions of operation, low cost and unhindered operation of the installation and predetermined deadlines of delivery.

    At the same time, our continuous presence in all stages of the project, our commitment to the client and out ethos as a company, create a climate of reciprocal trust and long lasting collaboration.


    Having more than 40 years of experience in the construction of technical projects, the Adarc Ltd is in the position to be able to guarantee:

    • Compliance of the project with the relevant health and safety standards.
    • Delivery of installations according to the predestinate requirements of the client.
    • Long lasting operation of installations.

    Each of our projects is executed with responsibility and commitment to our client, and always with respect to existing legislation and the environment.

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